Friday, November 30, 2012

Fashion Industry Confessions

Fashion Industry Confessions must be one of the most hyped Tumblrs in the fashion industry right now. Everyone is reading it from fashion students to editors of magazines. If you have been following any fashion news you might have heard of the rumours of H&M partnering up with Givenchy for their next designer collaboration. Fashion Industry Confessions was the website that started the whole rumour in the first place. Interns and other people involved in the fashion industry send in bits of informations anonymously and some of them get published on the Tumblr. How true or untrue they are is mostly left to the reader. The Tumblr predicted the cover girl of the September issue of Vogue US correctly though back in May. And we all love a little bit of gossip, don't we?

All pictures © Fashion Industry Confessions

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Change Of View / Zurich

I was asked by Bettery Magazine to participate in an article series called Change Of View. It is a photo documentary series, that compares the city through the lens of a local and foreign photographer. This time it was Zurich's turn and I was the local photographer. I answered questions like what makes me happy or what I would do better in Zurich and took photos to visualise them. You find the full article here.