Saturday, December 29, 2012

The In Crowd

Photographs by Tyrone Lebon and styling by Sara Moonves

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas! I saw this editorial for T Magazine a few months ago and recently came across it again on the blog from AS/H Magazine (which is quite lovely and you should all have a look here). I am totally in love with the styling. The combination with the sneakers and those platform shoes is brilliant. Good mix of street and luxe. I also like the way it is photographed.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hello, Canon EOS M!

I was given a Canon EOS M recently and I have carried it around my neck everywhere I went for the past couple weeks. I totally felt like an Asian tourist visiting Europe for the first time. The Canon EOS M is fairly new and it combines the big sensor, image quality and interchangeable lens system of a DSLR with the size of a small compact camera. The result is a perfect everyday camera that you will bring everywhere you go. I would love to bring my Canon EOS 5D with me but it is simply too bulky and heavy for that, so I was happy when I heard about the EOS M. Combined with the 22mm lens (equivalent to 35mm full frame) it is a really compact combo and gives me the same field of view as my Yashica T4. You have to see the camera in person to see how small it actually is. There is also an adapter that allows me to use my Canon EF lenses with the EOS M. If you read reviews about the EOS M on the internet, you will see that a lot of people are complaining about the slow autofocus. I personally think the autofocus is fast enough (obviously depends on your photography style) but it's true that you probably can't capture any fast moving object. The handling is pretty straight forward and easy with people in mind wanting to upgrade from a compact camera but there are all the manual mode and settings too you know from your DSLR to appeal to professionals as well. The touchscreen works like a charm much to my surprise. I will let the pictures below speak for themselves and keep an eye on my photo blog too as I will publish more photos there over the next couple days.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Bits And Bobs #73

Sweater by A.P.C., Jeans & Hat by Acne, Jacket by A.P.C. x Carhartt

At long last I made a new outfit entry. A lot of things have happened since my previous outfit entry and I don't know where to begin. First and foremost I finally got my own studio, where I can work and take photographs in front of the plain white wall or any background I want to put up. It will help me take outfit entries more often and quicker as I am in the studio almost every day and I don't have to deal with daylight and weather anymore. The few of you who are following me on Instagram have seen that I have been given a Canon EOS M. I started putting my first shots on my Visual Diary and I also took both these pictures with my new little camera and the included external flash. I am really impressed by the image quality and the compact size but more on that later as I will dedicate my next blog entry to the EOS M and the pictures I have taken so far with it. This was my outfit today. The temperature dropped below 0°C and this jacket is keeping me very warm. I paired the outfit with the shoes below.

Shoes by Our Legacy

Friday, November 30, 2012

Fashion Industry Confessions

Fashion Industry Confessions must be one of the most hyped Tumblrs in the fashion industry right now. Everyone is reading it from fashion students to editors of magazines. If you have been following any fashion news you might have heard of the rumours of H&M partnering up with Givenchy for their next designer collaboration. Fashion Industry Confessions was the website that started the whole rumour in the first place. Interns and other people involved in the fashion industry send in bits of informations anonymously and some of them get published on the Tumblr. How true or untrue they are is mostly left to the reader. The Tumblr predicted the cover girl of the September issue of Vogue US correctly though back in May. And we all love a little bit of gossip, don't we?

All pictures © Fashion Industry Confessions

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Change Of View / Zurich

I was asked by Bettery Magazine to participate in an article series called Change Of View. It is a photo documentary series, that compares the city through the lens of a local and foreign photographer. This time it was Zurich's turn and I was the local photographer. I answered questions like what makes me happy or what I would do better in Zurich and took photos to visualise them. You find the full article here.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Item #2

Yashica T4

It has been over two months since I last updated my blog and even though it sounds like an extremly long time it actually felt like it was just yesterday when I updated this blog. It has been an extremly busy time with full of assignments, travels and food – people following me on Instagram know a bit more what I was up to. I want to clarify that I have no intentions of abandoning this blog even though updates might be coming in slowly from time to time. Enough said, let's talk about my second item that I want to show you. It is a compact camera I carry around with me every day. It is small, light and fits into any pocket or bag. It still uses film and is therefore superior to most digital compact cameras as it delivers very nice colours and skin tones depending on the film you are using and you still get to play with the depth of field due to the incredibly sharp fixed 35mm lens with f/3.5 aperture. Also, the flash is quite nice and my personal favourite among all flashes from other film compact cameras. Most of my photographs on my photo blog are taken with this little camera.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Instagram #2

Haggerston Park / Homemade Larb / Damien Hirst / Flowers at Geffrye Museum / Upstairs at Ten Bells / Self-portrait / Paris / Pierre Sang / Paris / Train

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Wish List #6

If I had unlimited fundings, all the items below would be my current summer look. Love those sleek Nike sneakers and the melange shirt from Our Legacy in this particularly great fabric sourced from Japan. The flower print on the cap might give some nice contrast to an otherwise very clean look. I already have the Mismo backpack in Army Green but I wouldn't say no to this one in light hazel brown. Black jeans go with everything and I'm still in love with wedge soles on men's shoes. Last but not least I also picked some Grado headphones, because they have a very good sound quality (not advised to use in public due to their open earcups). If you want to check my other findings on the web, you can keep yourself updated by following me on Nuji.

1st column: Nike, Mismo, I Love Ugly / 2nd column: Our Legacy, Grado, A.P.C., Common Projects

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bits And Bobs #72

T-Shirt by COS, Jacket by Whyred, Trousers by Acne, Shoes by Nike, Glasses by Moscot

This is probably one of my sportiest looks to date. I still can't really decide if I am in love with those Nikes or if they're actually heinous and I'm just kidding myself. I love the safari print though. The t-shirt from COS has this speckled melange texture. This lightweight rain jacket is perfect for warm summer days with short heavy showers throughout the day. I actually bought this jacket two years ago but have rarely worn it up until now. Makes me realise that I should hang on to things even if I don't like it at the moment, because it might change in a year or two.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Noma: Time And Place In Nordic Cuisine

If you are somewhat interested in the world of fine cuisine and gastronomy, you might have already heard about Noma or even seen the cookbook. I keep coming back to this book even after almost two years since it was first published. It has lots of beautiful photographs and recipes – do not assume you can easily re-create the dishes at home though. Noma was recognized as the best restaurant in the world by the San Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurant awards three times in a row now (since 2010). Head chef Rene Redzepi helped re-inventing Nordic cuisine, which is all about purity, simplicity, and freshness as well as increased use of seasonal local products. I have not been to Noma yet unfortunately, but fellow food blogger The Skinny Bib has and if you want to see more dishes and read about his experience follow this link. Many of you who are following me on Twitter or Instagram might know that I have developed a huge interest in food and the world of gastronomy in general, so there might be more entries in the future about all that.

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