Friday, December 30, 2011

Go-Sees by Juergen Teller

I recently made myself an early christmas present and purchased this book from a reseller on Go-Sees by Juergen Teller was published back in 1999 by Scalo (doesn't exist anymore unfortunately but was one of the big art book publishers back then) and printed by Steidl (very popular art book publisher today). The book contains lots of portraits of young girls by Juergen Teller that visited him in his atelier in London during the late 90s to present themselves in hope to maybe get the photographer's attention for a consideration in the future. Those visits are called go-sees in the fashion industry. As more and more agency called Teller if they could send some models to his atelier, he told them not to just send the ones the agencies thought were interesting or pretty but to simply send all of the girls they have. So the book presents a really nice demographic study of models in London back in the late 90s.

© Juergen Teller and Scalo

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wish List #4

I have been pretty obsessed with shoes and socks lately, which lead to several new purchases and also a lot of internet researching about different brands, materials and manufacturers (mainly UK-based ones). Sanders, Mark McNairy and Our Legacy shoes are all made in the same factory in the UK. Alden and Crockett & Jones might produce some very fine shoes but they just don't suit me yet. Those are two facts I have learned in the past week. Socks shouldn't be neglected and add a nice finishing touch especially if you roll up your trousers. While browsing many online shops over and over again I came across a lot of nice pairs that would make a fine addition to any wardrobe and I put my favourite ones together above. My next pair of shoes for spring will definitely be from Tricker's (these are perfect!!).