Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Moving my blog to

Hello everyone! This is it. At least for Fashion Bits And Bobs. Don't worry, my blogging career isn't quite over yet. It's actually quite the opposite. By moving my blog to and renaming it to simply Pascal Grob, I hope to be able to focus on content that really matters to me and pick up a regular pace of blogging again. I hope that everyone who has followed me up until this point keeps checking out my new address as well: I would be glad if you subscribed to my new blog or checked it out every now and then. I will also stop checking my current mail address soon. You can find my new contact details on the new blog!

Monday, July 29, 2013

All-Black Is The New Black

I am very into black clothes and all-black outfits at the moment. I like that it feels so simple and almost like an uniform because it is reduced to just one single non-colour – hence the cut, shape and texture of the fabric start playing an even bigger role. At least half of my wardrobe consists of mainly black clothes now. I am trying to get more into blogging-mode again as I have been neglecting this very blog for far too long and only kept updating my Instagram. I was even thinking about giving up on blogging for good. Here is a selection of black clothes to start with.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Once More The River Will Flow

Finally, I got the chance on working together with my dear close friend Andrea Serrano of vintage clothing store Kimandra. She was able to recently acquire a big collection of vintage clothing from the 70s to late 90s in extraordinary quality from various brands such as Céline, Fendi, Gucci as well as small manufacturers only working with the best fabrics possible. It was the perfect moment to get together and shoot an editorial with another mutual friend of ours, Sara Gasser, to show some of those garments. A small crop of the whole collection will go online at Kimandra available for purchase in a few days along the lookbook pictures and prices. There will be also a special sale in Zurich on April 21/22. For more of my photos, check out my new portfolio website.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Instagram #3

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