Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'll Be Your Mirror

Underwear by Acne

I've been tagged by my dear fellow blogger from Frauenzimmer. While I usually ignore those tags, I thought this subject is actually quite interesting and I'm going to answer the questions as well.

What are you getting weird looks for on the street?
Nowadays I rarely notice those looks anymore, but sometimes friends tell me afterwards and I suppose it's because of the way I dress. I don't know whether those looks are meant positive or negative though. Sometimes it's not just a look but also a comment, like are you gay or what and I find this rather amusing and quite silly to judge someone because of their style or even use the word gay as an insult.

How do you handle these reactions?
Depends on the situation. Sometimes I just ignore them, sometimes I stare back and sometimes I approach them and start a conversation.

Do you like to provoke people or stand out in the crowd?
I guess it's nice to be noticed rather than being unnoticed, which is also a reason why I have this blog. But I'm not dressing while thinking oh yeah, this will surely get lots of attention on the street. I dress the way I do because I like it and it's just me.

On another note, some people have asked me to present some of my favourite blogs, since I'm subscribed to so many with my Google Reader. There's a link on the right side called Inspiration Troves. I'm always tagging interesting blog entries in my Google Reader and then they all land in a special folder in the reader itself and you can take a look at it by following the link mentioned before.


  1. Like your pictures very much. The blog is good too, interesting. Sometimes I wonder why these people are so afraid to stand out that they have to be mean to the ones who has the courage / Malin

  2. mmh, underwear...maybe for you also time to get wet?

  3. Approaching people and starting a conversation with them is something I've never done before when I noticed someone was interested in my look. But I might do exactly that the next time.

    What do they say to you, generally?

  4. I don't get if that was what the other blogger said or it was what u said ... no idea!

  5. man the 'are you gay' comment, i understand that, it is completely stupid, sexuality is not based upon your actions and your actions aren't based upon your sexuality. you are probably more likely to get girls the way that you dress than some boring idiot

  6. Eva: they don't say much in general

    Humberto: I answered those questions

  7. what an amazing selection on your google reader!

  8. Perfectly answered. Your point of view never ceases to interest.

  9. i cant imagine anyone being mean to you about the way you dress, you're style is quite classic, and you not dressed like a clown. oh well, some people just dont "get" it.

  10. The are you gay comment always amuses me because people only ever ask that of guys. I could be wearing the most incredibly flamboyant outfit (or butch for that matter) on the face of the earth and nobody would just out of the blue ask me if I am gay because I am a girl. I may get questions but that is never one of them.

    Plus using gay in a derogative context at all irritates my socks off (ironic seeing as I am not really wearing any at the moment)

    Personally. I would rather hang out with a guy anyways who actually bothers to notice what he puts on in the morning most of the time because a) it's a great conversation starter and b) it shows he isn't afraid to show who he is to the world and is proud of his taste/personality.


  11. thanks for answering.
    let's get wet together and make horst a very happy boy. what do yu think?

  12. I totally get you on the whole people staring at you wherever you go. The same thing happens to me considering the fact my town isn't really the hot spot for fashion so when I go out I'm usually dressed a little bit out of the norm. I'd definitely say its a positive. Peopl stare because they haven't seen it before.

    When I catch people staring I usually start smiling and laughing a bit. It probably looks totally rude like I'm laughing at them but it's really not my intention.

  13. Keep wearing what you wear. Impeccable style!

  14. I'd rather wear everything inside my closet than wear a pair of denims and some plain shirt.

  15. if people are staring at you (people that matter, that is - some people are so inconsequential they don't even merit a second glance) it's probably because something about you is hauntingly alluring.

    I agree with an earlier commenter -
    you'd be far more likely to get any girl dressed as impeccably as you do, than a guy so unsure of themselves that their reaction when confronted with an ounce of class is "you gay?"

    (Hope this doesn't come across as too stalker-ish, I just think you should know!)

  16. I love all of your portraits... and when I found out that you had taken all of your own pictures, it was even more incredible. Were these two shot on film? I am a huge fan of shooting with black and white film.

    With love.

  17. let's try to be truthful here:

    fashion = vanity.
    the sooner people accept that the less pretentious the style community will be.

    p.s. i love your looks

  18. "are you gay or what" I have been asked this question so many times only because of the way I dress. I often start conversations with the people who make these comments about me as well. Some people can be so closed minded at times. I am surprised that I get as many comments as I do seeing that I live in a big city like Houston. Nice Blog.