Thursday, October 8, 2009

Freja Beha Erichsen

source: tfs
Freja Beha Erichsen by Josh Olins for Numéro #107


  1. She's a beautiful model. Reminds me of Joanne Jett

  2. i love this editorial so much! thanks for posting :)


  3. she's simply one of the best model out there, and very likable. you should listen to her audio interview with v magazine.

  4. This looks amazing. She is so chic.


  5. Hey,

    I'm sorry this is irrelevant to the post, but I'm not sure it's worth emailing you about either..

    I was just sorting out my blog and wondered if you could hep me out on something I’ve been wondering about for some time…

    The images on my blog even at their largest are quite small in comparison to the majority of blogs I read… I don’t understand why, is there some editing one has to do?

    I mean some of the blogs have far more space and thus, the images are much larger.. I’d appreciate it if you could give me your opinion on this, thanks.

  6. Pascal, thank you, but I lost her at the point where she bean talking about not using the photo upload feature on blogger and instead using sites like flickr and photobucket, doesn't that make the process of uploading images much lengthier? .. Is that what you do yourself? .. Is what she's saying what most people do before beginning to blog if they want images like they are, for example, on your very own blog?

    I'm confused..

    Additionally, at the end of the tutorial she says that this does not apply any longer as she uploaded it when the system on blogger was different..

    I'm sorry for spamming you comments section..

  7. WOW, that helped. i was just wondering the same thing!

  8. Penelope: please write me an email :)

  9. Eddie Sedwick mixed with Rihanna