Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kostume No2

A few weeks ago, there was the second fashion show by Kostume. Kostume is the effort to establish a new fashion show in Zurich for newcomers and young talents from all over the world. This includes designers as well as shops. The main organizers are Lisa Mettier and Jonas Hegi. I helped them out once again by taking photographs at the event. This time, the designers and stores presented at the show were Yvy, Starstyling, Saga Lova, Ostblock, Mia Bregar, Kimandra, Julia Winkler, Claudia Zuber and Fashionslave. If you want to see the pictures from the runway, take a look at the at the Facebook group. Here are some pictures from backstage.

I will upload some more in the following days on my Visual Diary.


  1. look forward to the follow up!

  2. Amazing pics ! Is it a film or digital photography edited ? Anyway, I love it !


  3. i love these pics! very cool :)

  4. The pictures capture something so magical. :)

  5. i Love backstage pic better than the runway ....
    look's more natural,

    Beny Ricardo Sadewo

  6. ohhhh my god! I love it so much!
    I follow you now!

    i love the boy´s outfit! ;D

  7. Wicked photos. Loving your style and snaps...your blog is fast becoming one of my favs. Keep it up :)

  8. kostume 2 was great, but too many people. Could only see half of the fashion show... thanks for the pictures. love your style of photography very much!