Thursday, June 10, 2010

PIG Magazine

I recently looked at the March issue of PIG magazine again and it reminded me that I already wanted to show you the magazine back then when it came out. I only got a couple issues after I made a streetstyle spread for them for the new year's issue and haven't had a chance to buy it since then, because it's not available here. It's an Italian magazine and since I don't speak any Italian, all there's left for me are the pictures – but they are beautiful. I have yet to come across another monthly published magazine, that features so many good photographs and also, there's a certain consistency and similar approach to them. It's not all about fashion – there are also articles about musicians, photographers, artists and they always feature a streetstyle spread from a different city. You can download every issue as a free PDF on their website.

(click to enlarge)


  1. I read your blog frequently a while back. I'm very inspired by your sense of style and the photography is beautiful. just wanted to say thanks and that I'm back.


  2. It's an AMAZING exemple of an independent magazine!
    I wasn't that do you have made the streetstyle
    If do you like to have the new issue I can send you it,
    here in tessin is avaliable!
    simple cool!!
    jean skin

  3. i really like the b&w photos, who shot them?

  4. if you're talking about the photos on the upper right picture, it's Kuba Dabrowski

  5. Thanks I did not know that you can download a pdf! GReat publication!

  6. Hi, sorry to bother you, but I would like to know if you sell any one of your magazine I live in France, and I ordered a lot of magazine internet, if you sell, thank you for telling me. Thank you.