Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sweet And Lowdown

I was browsing the internet to find a nice editorial to post on my blog but only came across these typical high-gloss editorials, that really bore me by now unless the styling is exceptional. Luckily, I came across an editorial by Nicholas Lawn for Test Magazine, that made me stop immediately and just look. Although it looks like shot on Polaroids, I assume it is just the post-processing and actually shot digitally. I might be wrong though. Regardless of the medium it was shot on, the pictures are strong with its retro styling and different locations. See the full editorial here.

Nia photographed by Nicholas Lawn and styled by Lyson Marchessault for TEST


  1. great pictures! lovely brighton :)

  2. Würde auch meinen, dass die Bilder digital entstanden und danach bearbeitet wurden. Eine heute gängige Vorgehensweise analoge Technik zu simulieren. Dafür gibt's auch spezielle Software.
    Selber stehe ich dem natürlich skeptisch gegenüber.
    Dass solches "ausgerechnet" bei Romantik-Bildern gemacht wird, ist nichts neues.
    Den Bildern kann ich auch nichts Besonderes abgewinnen, irgendwie hat man das in dieser Mischung wohl schon zu oft gesehen. Ist aber Geschmacksache :)

  3. I understand that these aren't your photos, but i was wondering what type of lenses you used? I am just recently getting into photography, and i really like your blogs, both this and your visual diary.

  4. what type of lenses do you use?

  5. I must say that I've found myself really attracted to pastel colours recently. I despite how this was shot, I really enjoy the dull edge thats added to the photography; which also really adds to the retro feel of this.
    Great find, Pascal! (:
    this is really cool.

  6. love the setting/ atmosphere/ clothes + everything else :)



  7. I really do love these prints. They don't even look like just pictures. It gives you a certain feeling and sort of flash back. You are just naturally drawn to them. Good work.

  8. Die sind genial. Besonders die Farbstiche. Sehr retro.
    Liebe. Mimi

    P.s Stolper doch auch mal über meine Seite ,) würde mich sehr freuen^^

  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4306i99LMXo


  10. These are great photographs
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  11. i love how all these photos are a brief flashback in time - so pretty!

    visit me!


  12. When I came across this editorial I too was struck by the softness and just the general beautiful quality of the photos. It really looks like it was film but if it wasn't they've got some genius processing going on here. I tried to copy it on some images of my own but it was kind of an epic fail.

    This just reminds me of how much I miss shooting film these days. Digital is starting to bore me a bit.

  13. amazing photos!


  14. I love these "vintage" type photographs! They really look authentic.

  15. honestly... one of the best editorials i've seen recently.