Saturday, September 4, 2010

HopeHope-Magazine 8 Launch

Sorry for the slow blog updates recently. I just returned from two days in London without any laptop so I wasn't really able to update it. On wednesday, there was the release party of the HopeHope-Magazine issue 8 at the Smart Urban Stage. HopeHope is a Swiss blog about what's happening right now in town but it also give a little insight into the work of Marisa Pichler who runs the blog. As part of the Smart Urban Stage, which takes place in different cities and offers a platform and exhibition place for interesting and upcoming projects, there was the release party for the first-ever printed issue of HopeHope-Magazine. To see more of what happened at the Smart Urban Stage so far, check out their blog. Here are some impressions of the release party.

I promise to post the first batch of photographs from Istanbul on Monday or Tuesday!

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