Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another Blog

Some of you might know my other blog on Tumblr, which is a showcase for all the pictures I usually take (I know I don't update often) – mainly street photography and pictures of my friends. While browsing all the different fashion blogs – and there are a fucking lot – I noticed there was only one streetstyle blog about Zurich, and they haven't really focused on the people in the streets yet. So I thought I'd pick that up and try to find fashionable people in Zurich (and the other cities I am occasionally). It will be a difficult task, since Switzerland isn't known to be a fashionable country. But I will try my best. And I will also publish some photographs of my own here, that I wouldn't publish on my other blog. In the mean time, some shots from yesterday...


  1. since switzerland isn't known to be a fashionable country. hahaha. lustig.
    ich habe dich heute vor der uni gesehen. und war so böse, und habe nein gesagt, als du mich wegen fotos gefragt hast :/
    wünsche dir viil spass bei deinem vorhaben.

  2. these are stunning, you should get a flickr, i find it's easier to be habitual with that than tumblr.

  3. thanks! I actually do have flickr, but just to host images actually :)

  4. please smile more? i love it when you do.