Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Oh, the last two days were lovely, sunshine and pretty warm. It's so difficult to find someone appealing to photograph for a fashion blog in Zurich, I guess in Switzerland in general. Wish me luck, so I'll soon find someone. In the meantime, some pictures of me wearing the outfit from my last entry, that I combined with some old shoes by my father instead of Converse.


  1. You look so chic!
    And good luck finding someone to photograph!

  2. i study law in zurich and i think that there are quite a few people (girls, mostly, but also a couple of guys) in my lectures that would qualify as "appealing" for your fashion blog.
    keep your eyes open at the university ;)

  3. @awhitestraw: mh, i was in total awe when i discovered them. perfect shoes!

    @Paprika: thanksthanks, will need it.

    @Patricia: Studierst du zufällig mit einer Bettina Schweizer (Nachname bin ich mir zwar nicht mehr so sicher) – jedenfalls eine Person, die alles farbig anstreicht im Buch.

  4. Ich sägs doch, du muesch es ade Uni probiere!! :)


  5. my friend told me how much she likes your shoes today (:
    and I must agree, they're so nice !

  6. the jacket and shoes are tooo insane. well done you