Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Streetstyle: Kevin #2

I met Kevin again and he agreed another time to get his picture taken. Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places, but I find it really hard to find appealing persons to photograph in Zurich. Anyway, Kevin might make some more appearances in the future on this blog, since I know now where he's working on a specific day, haha.

Kevin (31), Designer
Jacket by El Ganso from Barcelona
T-Shirt by Drykorn
Trousers by H&M
Espadrills from Buenos Aires

Too bad I forgot to take a nice picture of his belt, because as you can slightly see, it's made out of zippers.


  1. those trousers are from h&m?!! there really really nice

  2. ooh boy, dä esch eifach super.
    fend siin blazer eifach very lovely.

  3. kevin is on point. love the little unexpected details of the striped pocket, zipper belt (thanks for pointing it out), and the summer shoes. and of course being dashingly handsome never hurts one either.

  4. I love every thing about it, why havent I come across him yet :P

    What did the zipper belt look like?


  5. He is so charismatic. There is just something about him that i can't pin point but dude your bringing that out in every picture! Kudos

  6. My first attempt at a "photoshoot" it would be lovely if you could Swing by!

  7. It's great that you caught him:) The scarf brings romantic notes...

  8. love the pockets of his vest !