Friday, April 3, 2009

Streetstyle: Kevin

Kevin (31), Designer (Website)
Jacket by You Must Create
Scarf by Un Ju
T-Shirt and Trousers by H&M
Shirt by En Soie
Shoes by Max Shoes


  1. a nice, clean, white button down can go a long way. this reminds me how much I am in desperate need of one. great blog, even better style. keep doin what you do.

  2. Simply chic. And of course being very handsome never hurts either.

  3. Answer: Perhaps I'll do that, Pascal :)

  4. Hi!

    Oh my god, I just have to say that I absolutely L O V E ur blog! It's so hard nowadays to find good bloggers that writes about menswear/fashion. I'll be readin' your blog in the future, that I can promise :D

    And about the pics, I find them all over the internet. Glad you liked them.

    Hugs n' Kisses!

  5. LOVE every single part of him, inner and outer! I've just linked you!

  6. Oh, yes it's mine. I really love the 'original theme' of Louis Vuitton, even though I hate most of their new collections. But the flower-theme was so cute, I couldn't resist it :D

    Uhm... well, It's kinda small but I have coins in it if I have a really cute and small party bag with my outfit. Otherwise it's just a cute accessorize. x)