Friday, May 22, 2009

H&M Fall/Winter 2009

Most of you have probably already seen the lookbook pictures of H&M's Fall/Winter 2009 collection, which is gonna hit the stores between August and November. I was invited to their showroom last Tuesday to have a real look at their upcoming collection. I'll pay them another visit next week to take some pictures of certain pieces, because I think it always looks a bit different in a lookbook as in real. If you want any particular piece photographed, please leave me a comment. Here are my favourites of their lookbook:

(click on any picture for a bigger view)


  1. wow du wurdest eingeladen?
    wie toll ist das den.

    was mich wunder nimmt ist diese jacke/blazer.sieht man ja leider nicht gut auf dem bild, vielleicht siehst du sie und kannst sie fotografieren!




    Please can you photographed milytary coat of the new collection ?

    Thank you much .

  3. I will really love you if you could take the picture all of them lol
    anyway I want to see the detail of the dress on the last picture above
    thanz :)

  4. i don't see any kind of stuff like this at the h&m's in my city!

  5. this collection hasn't hit the stores yet, that's probably why :)

  6. I think H&M really does a good job. They made mass produce looks expensive, and they use expensive faces like Daria and Coco Rocha which cons us into thinking we can look 'expensive' in H&M clothes without spending alot.

    Oh and also the knit scarf at the bottom looks interesting, can u take a few photos of it Pascal?

  7. Good picks Pascal! I'd like to see this blazer too if you find it there:
    Blazerand these pants, I love the red stripes!:

  8. can't wait!
    i really don't know if its in s/s or f/w, but its that rodarte-inspired knit sweater. it looks a lot like the one from topshop, that was all hyped up. that would be lovely!

  9. The knitted jumper, please. In the first photo.
    I love the female model (Sigrid Agren) too! But i'm guessing you can't take photos of her. Haha
    Love your blog, and all your looks, you have an amazing style!
    Thanks in advance.

  10. FREAKING AWESOME, youre so lucky! Could ya get a picture of the dress more?

  11. The plaid trousers intrigue me. I wonder what colors they're actually made up of.

  12. h&m does a great job, can't wait for fall. could you please take some snapshots of the women's shoes, especially the black acne-ish ankle boots. would also really appreciate if you could take some shots of the chunky nude-coloured knit-sweater on the first picture, and also look at the materials. thanks a lot!

  13. Would be nice to see some pictures of the accessories, and maybe also of some of the see-through clothes?:)
    - Maria

  14. hey, could you place take a photo of the military style jacket? thank u very much! rg Lama

  15. i'm mostly interested in the huge belt on the last picture. it looks amazing, so if you could take a more detailed picture i'd be so so happy!!

  16. Im in love with this collection espicially the playing around with proportion.