Friday, May 15, 2009

Thursday Afternoon

Nesli, Mi-Ji and me meet up fairly often in Zurich to have some coffee or drinks somewhere in the city. I thought I'd share some photographs of us again.

No, I don't smoke but the picture just looked somehow nicer with the ashtray.

I guess the focus wasn't where she intended it to be but I still like the picture.

(click for bigger view)

Here's a closeup shot of the pile of magazines and books, that's right next to my door. On the left pile there are photography and art books and on the right one fashion, art and photography magazines (Acne Paper, Another Mag, Paradis, Dazed & Confused, Indie Mag, Zoo Mag, Lula, i-D, French Vogue, LFI Mag). I only started buying magazines this year, so I'm sure the pile will grow further. I prefer magazines that are being released only two to four times a year to monthly ones with Acne Paper probably being my favourite one.


  1. nylon is probably my favourite fashion magazine :]

  2. I really enjoy the first shot. Don't know why, but I do.

  3. i love you blog and your photos.i have one question do you speak french or german? :)

  4. puenktchen: deutsch, aber ich spreche auch französisch :) und dankeschööön

  5. unglaublich schöner Blog :)

  6. ah das war jetzt super mit den zeitschriften! hat mich mein freund gestern schon gefragt, was denn da in dem stapel alles enthalten sei :D
    schöne fotos pascal... <3

  7. Ja ja mir müend no viel lerne was fotografiere abelangt.. :) nomal es grosses dankeschön wäg em di!!!! CAN'T WAIT!!

    <3 Nesli

  8. amazing darling.
    ich hab auch soo viele zeitschriften ;)

  9. lovely pictures! And we pretty much have the same taste in magazines.


  10. I agree with only buying those non-monthly magazines. They seem so much more thought out, less rushed and only trend oriented.

  11. so glam... looks like great fun :-D


  12. Haha, "apfelsaft". I don't know why that sounds so funny, but I can't stop laughing at it. Maybe it's because I've got a wierd hangover and just spilled my coffee all over my keyboard, and now I've gone insane.
    My parents will probably have to put me in some mental care home, and I'll just lie there on the floor in a completely white cell, screaming "APFELSAAFT!".

    Okay, I'm just kidding. To the point - nice photos! It's unfair you get to smoke indoors at cafés, you can't do that in Sweden anymore, and not even at pubs!

  13. ah okay,danke ;) dann weiß ich ja jetzt auf welchen sprachen ich in zukunft meine Kommentare machen kann ;)

  14. I'm enjoying it as long as it's still allowed here.. :)


  15. Pascal, I think this is the first time I commented on here but I visit your blog so much!

    I tagged you and I hope you get a chance to do it. :)

    I really love your photographs, what camera do you use btw?

    Anyways later!
    x Natalie

  16. thank you for the close-up! perhaps one day when you have time you'll walk us through some of your favorite spreads/editorials/articles as I am continually curious about what inspires you.

    i'm sure you'd agree that life would be much richer if books were more affordable. support print!

  17. Oh ya i love your blog so much... i don't know why i just love it... you have a great concept with a great skill in it ^^
    Love your second pic... i don't have any idea to take a pic from those side well done!!!

  18. i started buying mags in last oct and i really like i-D magazines, its sad to know they have to downsize it to 6 issues a year dont you think?

  19. da ich gerade gesehen habe, dass es auch auf deutsch geht, mach ich mal so weiter...
    wollte eigentlich nur sagen, dass es mich freut das indie auf deinem tisch zu finden!! ein großartiges magazin!! (würd mich interessieren, ob du dir das zuschicken lässt; oder findet ihr das in zürich auch??)

    ich bin gerade eben erst auf deinen blog gestoßen, find ihn ganz toll!!

    liebe grüße aus wien,

  20. man findet das magazin an diversen orten in zürich :) und vielen danke für dein kompliment!