Sunday, July 12, 2009

Biennale Venice 2009

I am still catching up with all the internet stuff (questions, interviews, blog entries), that I couldn't do while my Mac was being repaired. I've created this category of Sunday entries to write about things, that don't need to be related to fashion like the rest on my blog. So I'm leaving you with a selection of pictures from the Biennale 2009 in Venice.


  1. the venice biennale! i would love to go just once.

    really love your blog, the photograhy is quite accomplished, do you shoot yourself?

    would love to send you something, email me your mailing address?


  2. Love the blog pls. post about Emma Watson, would love to here your views on her.

  3. I am not an artist but I have heard so much about it from others. I would love to go to see some much talent in one place.