Monday, July 20, 2009

Streetstyle: Katrin

Katrin (15), Student
Denim Shirt by Gap
Leggings by American Apparel
Shoes by H&M
Sunglasses by Monki
Bag by Topshop
Vintage Bandana from her mother


  1. Wow! I love how this is so casual but quite elegant at the same time. I think it's the way she has her hair aswell... she's beautiful! :)

  2. The prints all look very well together!

  3. WOOOOWWWWW! I cannot believe I am seeing this...a 15 yr old girl dressed perfect!! No Hollister. No Abercrombie. No American Eagle. This should be a World Record or we should all just give her 100 dollars for being so young and looking so good! I am her same age and I am tired of seeing same brand names that I mentioned. I love her look! The denim and the leggings are amazing! I love it.
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  4. I really dislike this look... it's just way too hipster-wannabe-ish for my taste. Defintiely not my cut of tea. But I do like that bandana on her, it's cute.

  5. Ah, I love her hair! And the final touch of the bandana on her head!

  6. aus verschiedenen Gründen :|

    sie ist total hübsch,und sieht gar nicht aus wie 15!

  7. Good Job :).. It's nice that your doing this, fashion is something we live our lives in, whether we give it due importance or not... so it's cool that ur interested in capturing street style but I can't help but say you would have had so much more fun doing this here in London, NYC or even Tokyo for that matter... seeing ur interest in fashion I hope u get the chance to observe and enjoy the fashion on the streets in these cities.

    Keep doing what u do, and are u planning to stay in Zurich for the long term or heading out?

  8. i will be probably heading out at one point or another, you can't really stay in zurich if fashion's one of your main interests :)

  9. Right haha :)

    Well, do keep your readers with you on your journey :)

  10. oh her bandana is kinda great.
    i want to have it too ♥

  11. She has the perfect combination of clothes. She looks Perfect! I can't beleave she is 15, not only for her style, for everything!!

  12. omg, she's so beautiful!
    and her style is lovely as well ;)

  13. the layering and ethic cross denim is great (i trying to think of a better word)
    I dont know if her being 15 is that big of a deal. Age doesnt dictate weither your wise or not so her ebign 15 not so unbelivable

  14. I know u said somewhere up here that u prefer receiving emails on non relevant comments to your blog post... but I'm not quite sure whether the question I have is worth sending an email over..

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    Let me know what u thought, I'd like to hear what u have to say.


  15. I'm loving the bandana. I need to incorporate more head scarves into my own wardrobe.

  16. Her cat eyes are pretty! I love how she tilted her eyeliner. As for her clothes, I love how everything is all patterned but mix-matched! The best kind of dressing. :] Adore it.


  17. love her headband so much

  18. Ava: please write me an e-mail and i'll answer you there :)

  19. pascal, i've always loved your style. and believe it or not, i was one of the 6 first fan on fashion bits and bobs page on facebook LOL :D

    would you mind if we exchange links? i've linked you since like forever though lol :D

    thank you and that shirt and shawl? simple yet very sophisticated. :D so you!!

  20. i love your vintage style!!
    and expecially love the first outfit with the straw hat, --completes the outfit :)

    just starting off the blogging, let us know what you think of itttt !

  21. love your vintage style!! SO CUTE
    and expecially love the straw hat from the first outfit <3

    jsut starting off the blogging at "MC's Closet", come check it out and let us know what yah like