Thursday, February 4, 2010

RTW Fall 2010 Menswear Favourites

After having seen all the menswear fall 2010 runway collections that were presented in Milan and Paris, I decided to make a little selection of my favourites this season. Did you follow the men's fashion shows and if so, who were your favourites?

Dior Homme



Burberry Prorsum
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  1. dior homme and burberry prorsum are bliss, as always.

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  3. Von der Gesamtwirkung her betrachtet mnuss ich sagen, dass ich Lanvin recht hübsch fand, Burberry Prorsum einer meiner absoluten Favoriten war, doch meiner Meinung nach her Bottega Veneta alles getoppt hat. Nichts desto trotz sehr schöne, cleane looks die du dir da rausgesucht hast.

  4. mit den models von burberry würd ich gern mal nen eis essen gehen, aber nur wenn sie die schönen sachen anlassen. sehr hübsch, sollten sich alle jungs mal gut merken :)

  5. sure did, lanvin/junnj/paul smith/dries were at the top of my list:

    here's my summery:

  6. I like the choices you have as favorites...

    Mine For Milan: Salvatore Ferragamo/Etro/Versace/Burberry Prorsum/ Neil Barrett! In that order for me!

    For Paris: Paul Smith/Lanvin/Dries Van Noten/Givenchy/Dior Homme!

    You can see the reviews at my blog -! Your photos are amazing...keep up the good work Pascal!

  7. Burberry Prorsum, Rick Owens,
    Ann Demeulemeester, Kris Van Assche were my favourites. Check out my selection on my blog :)

  8. I like the Burberry Prorsum male Ugg boots.

    My personal favourite is dior homme; those simple, sophisticated looks never wear me out.

  9. I agree with everyone who mentioned Dries, I should have included that collection as well.
    As for Prada, I'm sorry but this time it just didn't convince me and frankly speaking, my highlight of that show was actually the womenswear pre-fall collection some girls showed on the runway...

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  11. die burberry kollektion mag ich sehr.
    küss dich lieber pascal!

  12. Great picks! I love the golden buttons on Burberry :)

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  14. What about raf simmons and jil sander?

  15. Wow! The Burberry Prorsum collection is amazing, I would love to see my BF dressep up like that! ^^