Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Item #1

Mismo M/S Backpack in Army Green/Cuoio

Since I don't post outfit entries as often as I should, I wanted to find another way to present stuff from my wardrobe on my blog. This is why I am starting a new category called Item today. I will mainly feature items, that I find special in a way or that I use or wear on a regular basis. Every now and then you see something that you know you immediately you got to have it. This is how I felt when I first saw this backpack by Danish brand Mismo. It took me a while until I was finally able to call it my own but I didn't want to buy any other backpack no matter what. I love the minimal design that looks chic without crying for too much attention. The backpack is made of very high materials like water-repellent Italian canvas, full grain leather and solid brass hardware. It has three pockets outside (middle one with button closure) and one pouch with zipper inside for smaller things. Everything is lined with cotton inside and there is also one big pocket with leather strap closure to fit your laptop or magazines and newspapers. It has so much space that I can easily carry around my camera gear, laptop, clothes and lots of other items. The flap top can be extended in case there is more space required and there are buttons on both sides for tightening. I have been using this backpack for several weeks now either when I was travelling abroad or for my everyday trips downtown and I wouldn't want to miss it anymore.


  1. Oh I love these backpacks... I must get my hands on one soon!

  2. Great entry! I like that you're planning to update the blog more frequently, I think many people have missed the entries.
    I love the leather detailing that the straps give the backpack, seems like a very sturdy piece, would love to have it!

    1. Thanks! Hopefully I'll be able to update at least twice a week again. The leather is very thick and super sturdy!

  3. what an amazing backpack!


  4. That backpack is just beautiful, I really like the colors and the shape of it! And I also love that photograph, you should shoot a campaign for them!



  5. this will make a sweet feature, i do a similar style on my blog. you should check it out when you have time. really nice looking design

  6. That is a good looking bag.


  7. Sweet bag. I'm looking for a heavy duty but stylish bag and it's quite hard. Also I'm pretty much limited to dark colors since I throw my bag everywhere so though confident enough, I can't pass off dirty splotches as design features...

  8. This bag is so lovely <3 love it

  9. Item #1 is a good kick start, the backpack looks stylish and dope!