Friday, July 6, 2012

Spring 2013 Menswear

I had difficulties picking favourites this season but I want to specifically mention Thom Browne. I loved the way Thom Browne presented his collection. He sent models out all covered in silver make-up and hiding in a silver tube until every model reached their spot (there was a pair of shoes for each model waiting for them on the lawn) and they uncovered themselves all at once (as shown in this video). My other favourites are Acne and Givenchy. I love the use of different materials and shapes at Acne (those straw hats!!) and all the streetwear elements of Givenchy. Any other favourites?

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  1. Moschino and Balmain were great! But aren't they always?
    And I have a very strong feeling that the Thom Brown concept came to him under the influence!

  2. Love the Acne collection!!

  3. Thom Browne always puts on a lovely show. I especially love the silhouette!

  4. Those straw hats on the Acne runway are Borsalino not Acne:)

    1. ah yeah right, I actually remember reading about it somewhere. Thanks for reminding/clarifying!

  5. Givenchy was my fav show.

  6. I love Thom Browne so much. I always love the way he presents his collections (menswear & womenwear), just far more creative and something new!

    Daniel x

  7. they are look like a cartoon character. very nice fashion of menswear..